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About Us

Experience is more important than just knowledge.  I've been working with fungi professionally for 30 years and have carried out 1000's of inspections and analyzed many 1000's of samples in the lab.  Public health is a cornerstone of all my work and I take the job of inspecting your home for biological hazards very seriously.  It's a waste of time to do half a job, or worse, make errors from the outset - but that's what so often happens with the site inspections and analytical work of many of my competitors.  If you value the importance of accurate information, then we're the right people to help you measure for known or potential biological hazards in the built environment.

Dr. Cameron Jones, Ph.D.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Biological Health Services

Reputation and extensive experience within the mould assessment and restoration industry

Biological Health Services has an excellent reputation within the industry as a quality company with a proven track record.  Our personnel has extensive experience and qualifications drawn from industry and academia.  This ensures all our clients – regardless of job size, and whether they are private, commercial or Government, each receive the same level of efficient service.  We are NOT a franchise, NOR are we a preferred supplier to the Insurance Industry.  Therefore as a proudly independent Company, we are in a superior position to offer an unbiased set of recommendations adapted and matched to your requirements.  We do not practice a ‘one size fits all’ assessment approach like some of our competitors, and we are committed to reporting only on the facts based on evidence.

Commitment to excellence in the assessment and restoration industry 

Biological Health Services evolved from academic research on fungi and mould.  See further information at:  Building on a thorough understanding of the biology of fungi and an appreciation of this complexity allows us to approach your actual or alleged contamination problem from a logical foundation. Our approach and methods are sourced from industry Standards and Guidelines as well as the contemporary research literature.  In combination, our depth of understanding of mould biology and reliance on solid-science ensures that only practical and efficient inspection and assessment methods or scope of works are developed.

Professional and highly trained staff

Biological Health Services is headed by a PhD level scientist and our other staff receive appropriate training when required. Our lab staff all have at minimum MSc. qualifications.

Our values 

Our values at Biological Health Service are embodied in our Mission Statement:

Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics 

All our work is undertaken with integrity. 

Customer service excellence

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service from the first telephone call, SMS, email or chat and throughout the project life cycle.  We actively listen and respond ethically by matching our range of services to your needs and expectations.  This is supported by regular feedback, surveys, and ongoing performance reviews to improve our mechanisms of service delivery.  We have achieved a Highly Recommended score of 97.25 as part of the 2016 Australian Achiever Awards for Excellence in Customer Care.

Accountability and reliability

Biological Health Services demonstrates dedication and integrity in all our work with the aim of providing exceptional results and practical and reliable service standards.  We document each job: before, during and after and match this with above-average record keeping and field note-taking.  These mechanisms ensure that all clients receive a detailed, site-specific and professional job with quantifiable results that is at all times, evidence-based.

We're also certified under ISO 9001:2015, Certificate No. AUS-Q-900149 as having a Quality Management System applicable for the assessment of fungal growth in buildings. Current certificates are valid: 2022-2023.


Value for money

Clients benefit from Biological Health Services’ commitment to keeping costs fair and reasonable.  We offer competitive fees to all clients ranging from domestic to commercial sectors.  

Research and development

Biological Health Services has an ongoing research and development program spanning: chemistry, microbiology, and applied science.  The aim here is to research the best methods and use of equipment to perform mould inspections, assessments and in some cases even mould remediation cleaning and decontamination for infection control or similar.  Current projects and formal relationships with other labs/scientists are active and encouraged at this workplace.

Rapid response

We pride ourselves on offering a rapid response to your initial inquiry depending on the communication channel and our own availability.

Unbiased and evidence-based reporting

You have a basic right to expect that expert opinion on the hygiene of your building is based on sound scientific principles. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you make a decision about your building or the health and safety of occupants based on faulty information.  Biological Health Services offers unbiased inspections and assessments and we do not write or prepare self-serving reports or documents. You can be assured that all our reports are evidence-based and demonstrate a rational and consistent awareness of context and the need for accuracy.  

For more information on our services please call: 1300 13 23 50 or the mobile: 0414 998 900 



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