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Inspections & assessments

If you think you might have a problem with water damage or the indoor hygiene or indoor air quality you probably do! 


We're based in Melbourne but can service BOTH Melbourne and Sydney for on-site mould and water damage assessments.


Our job is to help you with high-quality evidence. 

It's always a concern when there is any damage (or suspect damage or contamination of any kind) to your home or office, especially from any of the following 9 causes, but if you suspect there's a problem, you should be pro-active with getting it tested.

We do the following types of inspections:

  • Independent non-intrusive pre-remediation assessments

  • Independent post-remediation verification (PRV) assessments

  • Independent intrusive pre-remediation assessments

  • Interim assessments

  • Contents assessments

  • Air quality assessments

  • Tenancy inspections 
  • Hygiene and/or environmental cleaning assessments

  • RNA environmental screening for e.g. SARS-CoV-2
  • eDNA screening for other pathogens

Here are some of the 9 typical reasons why a building might take on unwanted moisture or show mould or become contaminated from other bacterial, fungal or viral sources: 

  • Rainwater entry

  • Capillary action or water across cladding or through weep holes

  • Vapour transport across walls, floors or ceilings due to insulation problems

  • Diffusion factors like rising damp or lateral transfer into below-ground rooms

  • Standing water conditions

  • Indoor surface condensation effects

  • Ventilation problems leading to elevated indoor humidity

  • Suspect or known building defects

  • Aerosol or surface fomite contamination from unwanted contact with infected materials or hosts having bacterial, fungal, yeast or viral infections that can be shed into the local environment and pose a cross-contamination risk. 

If any of the above factors have or might have compromised your building, then get it tested.

We can help with high-quality scientific reports enabling you to confidently make decisions about the next steps that could be required to secure the health and safety of your building. 


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