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Why Choose Us for your mould inspections

Comprehensive Guide to Environmental Assessments for Healthier Living Spaces

Environmental assessments focusing on indoor air quality and mould after water damage events are crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of our living and working environments. At our organization, Biological Health Services, we specialize in conducting thorough inspections and tests for various environmental factors such as mould, moisture, wood rot, water damage, humidity, and other significant concerns that might compromise the integrity of your buildings and/or vehicles. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions and insights to maintain and improve the health of your indoor environments.

Understanding Environmental Mould Risk Assessments

Environmental mould risk assessments are systematic processes aimed at identifying and evaluating potential hazards within our surroundings that could impact our health and the structural integrity of our buildings that are related to known, unknown, hidden, obvious or historical water events. These indoor air quality and mould assessments are essential for detecting issues such as mould growth, excess moisture, and other elements that can lead to significant health problems and costly damage over time.

Mould Detection, Measurement and Assessment

Mould is a common issue in many buildings, whether they are residential homes, commercial offices, industrial factories, Schools and health care facilities. Mould growth can lead to a variety of health issues, ranging from mild allergic reactions to severe respiratory conditions. Our team uses advanced techniques and equipment to detect mould presence, identify its concentration sources, and recommend effective remediation strategies based on robust Standards and Guidelines for your assurance to quality.

Moisture and Humidity Evaluation

Excessive moisture and humidity (usually at or above 60% RH) can create an ideal environment for mould growth and can contribute to the deterioration of building materials. We employ state-of-the-art moisture detection tools to identify areas with potential water damage and excessive humidity levels, enabling us to highlight these regions of interest before they lead to more significant problems.

Rot and Structural Damage Investigation – Building Under Construction Problems

Material degradation can cause structural decay and contribute towards a loss of function. Timber frame and truss damage from excessive delays, a lack of protection during building, and in some cases, the use of timbers or ply sheeting that is already showing signs of mould growth can lead to serious mould built into your new home. Timber rot from white and brown rot fungi can compromise the structural integrity of buildings, leading to unsafe living and working conditions. Our assessments include a detailed examination of building structures to identify any signs of rot or damage, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed to maintain safety and durability.

Our Team of Experts

Our team at Biological Health Services consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals, including environmental scientists, microbiologists, and access to a range of independent consultants with specific building related skills or medical specialties in environmental medicine and mould illness. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, united by a shared commitment to environmental health and safety.

Highlight: Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD, Director

Leading our team is Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD, a professional scientist with an extensive background in applied science, environmental health, public health and mycology. Dr. Cameron Jones has over a decade of experience in conducting Environmental mould risk assessments in various settings, including homes, offices, factories, schools and clinics and even in vehicles. His dedication and expertise have been instrumental in providing top-notch services to over 3500+clients.

Why Choose Us for Your Environmental Mould Risk Assessment Needs

Choosing the right partner for your environmental indoor air quality and mould risk assessment needs is critical. Here are several reasons why our services stand out:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team comprises industry experts with years of experience in environmental health and safety as this relates to indoor air quality from water damage and mould.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of assessment services to identify and address various environmental concerns from water damage and mould.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate and reliable results and all methods follow any Standards, Guidelines or manufacturers instructions for use.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind. However, we are 100% ethical and do not provide biased reports, or write to a 3rd party agenda.

Contact Us

If you're concerned about the environmental health of your property, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to assist you with comprehensive assessments and solutions tailored to your specific needs around water damage and mould. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure the safety and integrity of your living and working environments.


Environmental water damage and mould risk assessments are vital for maintaining healthy and safe indoor spaces. By identifying and addressing potential hazards, you can protect your health, ensure the structural integrity of your buildings, and avoid costly repairs in the future. Trust our expert team at Biological Health Services to provide you with the thorough and reliable services you need for peace of mind and a healthier environment.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your indoor living or working environment is thoroughly evaluated, offering solutions that lead to healthier, safer, and more sustainable living and working conditions.

Here's an at a glance comparison table showing you why we know we're known to be the best for your situation.


Biological Health Services



Access to specialists in mould and water damage assessment. All staff have PhD or MSc qualifications in microbiology.

Minimally trained staff often with just short course vocational training offering testing and treatment solutions.   Others provide suspicious, low cost, or free assessments with low certainty of performance or accuracy. A headache to overcome and work through dodgy results or advice.


Up to 50% cheaper while providing superior results. We don’t outsource anything.  Everything we do in our labs. All rooms and areas assessed. Prices matched to the size of the home or building.

Expensive with high employment costs and on-costs for sending samples to be analysed at 3rd party labs. Further hidden costs for interpretation. 


Our reports are regularly used for dispute resolution at mediation or as part of civil litigation.

Often limited sampling due to high costs to test every room or area.  Staff may use only limited types of testing due to a lack of access to appropriate lab facilities.


Proudly independent and unbiased results. We are not a preferred service supplier to the insurance, real estate or restoration industry. All lab work is manually done and all procedures follow internationally recognized quality processes for ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012.

Results may be written towards an objective such as limiting liability or rubber-stamping remediation. Results interpretation can be misleading or wrong due to reliance on AI and machine learning. No or limited quality process achieved.


We listen to your situation and reasons for needing an assessment (e.g. occupational health, medical or health provider request, insurance or building claim or rental dispute). We then arrange a convenient time for assessment, attend your property to inspect and collect air and surface samples. Full written report with conclusions and recommendations to follow.  

A technician, occupational hygienist or building biologist attends site and fills in questionnaires using a one-size fits all approach. Limited samples collected and then sent to 3rd party lab for analysis.  Then on receipt of lab results, the technician writes a new report.  This broken chain of thinking often means that recommendations or conclusions don’t follow on from the data or the known facts.



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