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Here's a comparison table showing you why we know we're the best for your situation.


Biological Health Services



Access to specialists in mould and water damage assessment. All staff have PhD or MSc qualifications in microbiology.

Minimally trained staff often with just short course vocational training offering testing and treatment solutions.   Others provide suspicious, low cost, or free assessments with low certainty of performance or accuracy. A headache to overcome and work through dodgy results or advice.


Up to 50% cheaper while providing superior results. We don’t outsource anything.  Everything we do in our labs. All rooms and areas assessed. Prices matched to the size of the home or building.

Expensive with high employment costs and on-costs for sending samples to be analysed at 3rd party labs. Further hidden costs for interpretation. 


Our reports are regularly used for dispute resolution at mediation or as part of civil litigation.

Often limited sampling due to high costs to test every room or area.  Staff may use only limited types of testing due to a lack of access to appropriate lab facilities.


Proudly independent and unbiased results. We are not a preferred service supplier to the insurance, real estate or restoration industry. All lab work is manually done and all procedures follow internationally recognized quality processes for ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012.

Results may be written towards an objective such as limiting liability or rubber-stamping remediation. Results interpretation can be misleading or wrong due to reliance on AI and machine learning. No or limited quality process achieved.


We listen to your situation and reasons for needing an assessment (e.g. occupational health, medical or health provider request, insurance or building claim or rental dispute). We then arrange a convenient time for assessment, attend your property to inspect and collect air and surface samples. Full written report with conclusions and recommendations to follow.  

A technician, occupational hygienist or building biologist attends site and fills in questionnaires using a one-size fits all approach. Limited samples collected and then sent to 3rd party lab for analysis.  Then on receipt of lab results, the technician writes a new report.  This broken chain of thinking often means that recommendations or conclusions don’t follow on from the data or the known facts.



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