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The costs depend on what you need to be achieved? Do you need testing and a written report, just advice, do you need just a verbal or a short written summary report, do you need us to liaise with your staff or other contractors? Our fees depend on the level of service provided. All our prices are industry competitive and reflect the high quality of our services and reporting standards.
 For example, we will come out to your facility and test for biological hazards that includes:

  • a full microbiological inventory of aerosol/airborne and surface contaminants

  • a full indoor air quality assessment using laser particle counts
  • complete building image-analysis using infrared thermography to detect or confirm obvious or hidden moisture levels

  • a building evidence report of your contaminant locations

  • treatment advice on disinfecting or reducing biological contaminants/bioburden

  • assessment includes various levels of reporting and microbiological culture results showing you "what" is contaminating your building
development of a realistic and practical 'scope of works' to achieve the agreed on the outcome, which is usually a return to a normal mould ecology indoors
 liaison with third parties (restorers) for implementation of agreed decontamination/restoration methods to return the building to a safe and hygienic state on a balance of probabilities


We do not do any mould remediation ourselves. In order to treat or clean your mould, we first need to know if there is a problem, the scale of the problem and the source location(s) of the problem. To do this, we first come to your premises and perform a comprehensive assessment of the indoor environment. This includes a detailed review of the building characteristics as well as your experiences and any symptoms. We then quantitatively assess the potential biological impact based on measured indoor contamination using a range of techniques that may include: visual inspections, moisture mapping, particulate matter counts, spore traps or viable air sampling direct to Petri plates, surface sampling direct to tape lifts or viable sampling to surface contact Petri plates. We make every effort to comprehensively test all of the likely rooms or areas.  We do not test only what restorers want to be tested. Once we have collected data from your property, we will prepare a detailed written report.  You should use our report to get competitive quotes from several restorers for the actual remediation.  


We provide objective assessments of your indoor suspect or known microbiological contamination or air quality situation. We provide you with expert advice, a comprehensive written report showing you where and what is contaminating your indoor environment, and importantly, we give you an honest assessment of your risks. We'll then recommend decontamination protocols based on established Standards and Guidelines or industry best practice.  We offer full written reports that are of use in dispute resolution for Insurance, Building, Property Management, and other legal proceedings. 


Yes - we carry full Public Liability, Indemnity Insurance, and WorkCover Insurance.


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