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Inspections & Assessments

Water damage is a common cause of mould and is linked to indoor air quality, illness and unwanted odours. We use industry standard methods to locate, measure, identify and map the extent of any problems.  This information is then used to work out how your building has been compromised and what should be done to fix any problems. Let us help you make evidence-based decisions.

Laboratory Services

If you need your air or building surfaces or porous home contents tested for mould, yeast or bacteria, then look no further. We are specialists in non-intrusive pre-remediation assessments as well as destructive testing as required.  We test air and surfaces using: spore traps, tape lifts, and viable Petri plate culture. Inspections at pre-remediation, during remediation or for post remediation verification (PRV).  We are also a contract lab offering analysis of samples sent in to us by your occupational hygienist, building biologist, or preferred indoor environmental professional.


Sometimes all you need is commonsense, expert advice on your specific water damage or indoor air quality situation.  We understand the emotional connection between fear of asset loss and fear of illness.  We regularly consult on residential and commercial tenancy matters through to complex civil disputes involving owners, builders, developers and insurers. Of course, if your matter is health-motivated, we can help you here as well and regularly work with an extended network of medical doctors and allied health professionals. 

Servicing all of Melbourne and beyond...

We perform mould and indoor air quality inspections in homes, apartments, offices and commercial properties all over Melbourne and across Victoria.  We also have an experienced assessor in Sydney and can perform inspections interstate and overseas as required. Call today to discuss your situation. 

Cleaning Validation for Hygiene during COVID-19

We will soon be offering environmental sampling for SARS-CoV-2; but as we develop this - you might want to consider a tried and tested method for surface hygiene testing you can do today.  Tape lifts look at suitable regions of interest under the microscope and are most commonly used in water damage assessments for mould.  They do however show you exactly what's on surfaces.  Use them to measure BEFORE cleaning and then AFTER cleaning.  This way you can VALIDATE the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures so you can modify or optimise them as necessary.

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