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Mould assessments, mould inspections, pre- and post-remediation verifications

Comprehensive, evidence-based testing. Recommendations follow-on from the data. Expertly written reports for all jobs.

Our labs have achieved certification and compliance against ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2017, and ISO 15189:2012.

These are all important requirements for quality and competence. Current certifications are valid through 2022-2023.

Inspections & Assessments

Water damage is a common cause of mould and is linked to indoor air quality, illness and unwanted odours. We use industry standard methods to locate, measure, identify and map the extent of any problems.  This information is then used to work out how your building has been compromised and what should be done to fix any problems. Let us help you make evidence-based decisions. 










Laboratory Services

If you need your air or building surfaces or porous home contents tested for mould, yeast or bacteria, then look no further. We are specialists in non-intrusive pre-remediation assessments as well as destructive testing as required.  We test air and surfaces using: spore traps, tape lifts, and viable Petri plate culture. Inspections at pre-remediation, during remediation or for post remediation verification (PRV).  We are also a contract lab offering analysis of samples sent in to us by your occupational hygienist, building biologist, or preferred indoor environmental professional.











Sometimes all you need is commonsense, expert advice on your specific water damage or indoor air quality situation.  We understand the emotional connection between fear of asset loss and fear of illness.  We regularly consult on residential and commercial tenancy matters through to complex civil disputes involving owners, builders, developers and insurers. Of course, if your matter is health-motivated, we can help you here as well and regularly work with an extended network of medical doctors and allied health professionals. 










Why Accurate Mould Testing is Key to Effective Insurance Claims and Restoration

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We can analyze your spore traps and tape lifts

The indoor air quality experts for reliable microscope analysis and reporting


Would you like to better understand mould, how to get rid of it, and promote sustainable living? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, keep reading...

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Servicing all of Melbourne and beyond...

We perform mould and indoor air quality inspections in homes, apartments, offices and commercial properties all over Melbourne and across Victoria.  We also have an experienced assessor in Sydney and can perform inspections interstate and overseas as required. Call today to discuss your situation. 










Are you a tenant, property manager or landlord and having issues with mould?



what's changed?

Renting and Mould

There have been changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 from March 2021 where the definition of urgent repairs has been expanded to include repairs or replacements relating to air conditioning and any fault or damage which makes the property unsafe or insecure, including pest infestations, or mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure.

Other changes to the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 (S.R. No. 3/2021shift the onus of disclosure onto the rental provider to disclose to the tenant if in the last 3 years there has been a repair notice relating to damp or mould in the premises caused by or related to the building structure.  In addition, there are new minimum rental standards where each room in the rented premises must be free from mould and damp caused by or related to the building structure.

Changes to Consumer Affairs Victoria, also from 2021 will determine who is responsible for the mould by assessing if the tenant contributed to the problem or if the landlord may have allowed a problem with the property to contribute towards mould. Tenants will need to support their request for urgent repairs by providing proof that the mould is dangerous and/or causing a health issue. 

We can provide an assessment of the property and provide written reports.

Read a new paper on residential tenancy and mould, I just wrote:

DOI Link:










Problems with an insurance claim?

We regularly prepare reports for insurance claims, especially where there is disagreement about the claim.  If you feel your claim is not being reasonably handled, or worse, works have been done or the claim assessed that only partially addresses the damage or known facts, then call us in for a second opinion.  Once you have your own data, it's much easier to work out how to proceed. Even if you're not having a problem with your claim or remediator, having an independent assessment could be the best thing you do to protect your asset value and amenity over the longer term.










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Get expert service and attention on your situation

When it's important for health and safety reasons or to protect the asset value of your property you need to feel confidant you can rely on what you're being told.  Our reports and lab findings are regularly relied on by other experts. Call today and find out how best we can help you.










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When you need your health concerns taken seriously

We're 100% aware of the importance of health and whatever your circumstances, symptoms or concerns - we take these seriously. We don't patronize or dismiss your fears.  In fact, we pay special attention to every mould and water damage inspection that is linked to known or suspected adverse health or compromise.  We regularly work with medical doctors and allied clinical health practitioners and will be happy to liaise with other practitioners as your case requires. We offer compassionate and empathetic service and approach all clients with respect and care. 










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Do you need expert written reports for mediation or civil litigation?

I can help you with the preparation of expert reports following water damage or mould and bacterial contamination.  We're experienced with VCAT and understand the need for rigorous, high-quality data for your health or property claim. 










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If your new home becomes unusually water damaged during construction you could end up with a serious mould problem.  Don't let this get covered up, or hidden behind new plasterboard walls.  If you can 'see mould' on your timber frame, truss, base plates, noggins, or other areas, then you should get it tested.  Under the microscope the problem could be many times worse, not to mention the issue of mycotoxin exposure to you and your family.  We can help with on-site inspections or you can collect some of the data yourself using tape lifts.










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Independent, Ethical, Evidence-Based

We offer objective, evidence-based inspections, reports, and lab work. We are not affiliated with the insurance, real estate, or building industries. You can rest assured that we make recommendations based only on facts.

"Dear Cameron, I wanted to send you a message to thank you for appearing and giving your expert evidence for us on Tuesday. The process of fighting for our families home to ensure that our future here is possible has taken a great toll on us. However, every second has been worth it and watching you on Tuesday was just brilliant. I know that this is your job but it for me it’s impossible not to be emotional watching people stand up for us to give us the justice that is deserved. The 4 days went very well and we will now wait to hear the decision made by the VCAT member. This could take as long as September. I will let you know the final decision. Thank you again, Kindest regards, LU"

"Hi, Cameron – Diane joins me in thanking you most sincerely for both the work you’ve done for us in assessing the levels of mould in our home and for the advice and guidance you’ve offered. We wish you continued success in the invaluable work you do in detecting dangerous contaminants and advising on decontaminant strategies. Regards - Barney "

"Hi Cameron, thanks so much for the amazing report you sent, very clear and very well done. It will really be helpful for us, and we thank you very much for the kindness. Was a pleasure seeing you, and we'll keep in touch if needed. Hope you stay safe Kind regards, Sarah B"

"Hi Cameron Thanks so much for this, extensive and well done. We will be sitting down with a red while reading later tonight. Appreciate the help and will definitely keep you in the loop and let you know how we get on. Cheers S and C"

"Thank you so much for that, Cameron. That is really great news, and I am so pleased that we passed! We can confidently return home…..its such a relief. Thank you for everything - you have been very accomodating and very generous with your time and knowledge, and I really appreciate it. So thank you. Than you again, Warm regards Jess"

"Many thanks, Cameron. I appreciate all the help you have provided over the last weeks – thank you! Kind regards, Iryna"

"Thanks Dr Cameron Jones! Appreciate how thorough the report is, very impressed. Thanks, Locky"

"Hi Cameron, Just letting you know that I have just paid your account in full. I apologise again for it being so terribly late. You helped us enormously in those early days and we want to continue our association in the future. Things have been a bit frantic here, as I’m sure they are for you. xxxxxx were able to co-ordinate some virus tests at both xxx in Geelong and Doherty. Initial test results are very encouraging. Then, based on the results, we will kick off with Doherty in the next few days. These initial results have already kicked things along. Let’s stay in touch. Best regards, David B"

"Thanks Cameron. Appreciate your timely and complete work. Cheers Allan, Executive Director, COMPANY NAME REDACTED, PhD. "

"Hello Cameron Thank you so much for providing the results. Although unpleasant results at least we know the issue, there is a remedy and we can start to get our daughter healthy. I will give you a call tomorrow and run through our options. Kind regards, Kellie "

"I was recently grateful myself to engage the services of Dr Jones to inspect a property which I was considering purchasing, only to uncover an extensive mould issue which the owner had ignored. He saved me from embarking on a potentially very costly endeavour! Dr. Tania Ash"


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