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Can Mould Cause Depression?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

I received an email the other day from a client with bad news informing me that his wife has breast cancer.  He told me that she had suffered from depression ever since reluctantly moving into a property that had a severe water damage problem and that had been concealed by the real estate agent.  This got me thinking about all the research talking about mould exposure and mood disorders like anxiety and depression and even IQ.

 In this week’s Livestream, I’m going to review 6 key areas where mental health problems can occur due to mould and water damage:

  1. Families that know about mould and water damage
  2. Disaster recovery workers
  3. The elderly
  4. Children and pre-adolescents
  5. The immune system. What’s going on inside your body?
  6. Tenancy

Is depression the hidden epidemic often not spoken about when discussing building-specific factors surrounding mould and adverse indoor air quality from aeroallergens and other microbes?


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