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What Is Black Mould?

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020

Black mould has become a bit like the famous celebrities Taylor Swift or Kylie Jenner.  Everyone has heard about it or thinks they know a bit about this fungus. 

In the world of pop culture fungal microbiology, BLACK MOULD is spoken about with reverence as the INVISIBLE ILLNESS CAUSED BY TOXIC FUNGUS…but what is it, what does the science say, and what can you do to separate the fact from fiction?


Three women working in a horticultural factory were handling some pots made from recycled paper.  The women developed inflamed, swollen fingers and scaling of the skin.  This is an inflammation reaction and was caused by handling the pots that looked mouldy.  This article appeared as the first published paper on black mould illness indexed in PubMed in 1997.

They found that when spore traps were used to assess the working environment, that when the mouldy pots were moved the levels of Stachybotrys were dispersed into the air showing...

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