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Visual Contrast Sensitivity - Can You Really Measure Your Mould Disease Burden This Way?

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2020

Today I'm going to be talking about visual contrast sensitivity testing, also known as VCS tests and for today's presentation I've decided to wear this very loud jumper and it's going to make sense to you in a few minutes. We are talking about the ability of your visual system to tell the difference between different shades of gray and this is really, really, really important and essentially this whole field of visual contrast sensitivity testing is increasing in the minds, especially of those persons who have been exposed to water damaged buildings because it is being increasingly used by healthcare providers and clinicians and also people who can go online and do their own testing to see whether or not they show deficits in their visual acuity according to contrast sensitivity.

And I'm going to be going through some of the foundation principles of this test, some of the areas where this has been used, what its history is, who first developed it and more recently leading into its...

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Chaetomium Mould Health Effects & Exposure Levels

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2020

Hello and welcome to this week's episode. Today I'm going to be talking to you about Chaetomium mould. And you're probably thinking why on earth is he talking about this strange sounding fungus? I'm going to be going into some of the history of this microorganism and some of the health effects and some of the impacts that this mould has, especially on water-damaged building materials. Now, before we begin, I want to give you a bit of an overview of Chaetomium because this is a really special fungus. It was discovered and first written about by a German professor of zoology who had a special interest in actually ferns and entomology as well. However, he first wrote about this fungus that he termed Chaetomium because of its unusual morphology or shape, and so it has a specific helmet-like, plume-like a decoration on its fruiting body.

And we'll see that in a minute. His name was Gustav Kunze, and he wrote about this in 1817. Now Chaetomium belongs to a family called Chaetomiaceae, and...

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Can Mould Grow On Or In Bricks & Concrete

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

Hello and welcome. Thanks for joining me on this live broadcast. My name's Dr. Cameron Jones, and today in episode two I'm talking about can mould grow on or in bricks and concrete. Think that mould only grows on bread, on a dampened wallpaper, Or plasterboard? Well, I thought so too, but today we're going to be talking about how bacteria, yeast, and fungi can actually grow and thrive on extreme habitats like stone and mineral building elements. I didn't think that this could happen at all. I thought that the only time moulds attack walls and these stone and inert materials is like in caves or churches and that sort of damage. But this whole field is called biodeterioration and mould can very happily grow on or in bricks. Today I want to share with you some of the extreme places that I have found in the urban environment where moulds and fungi are growing.

I'm just going to go through this slideshow and highlight some facts here. You'll see here with this scalpel that I'm pointing...

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Top 10 Toxic Mould Social Networks on Facebook

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020


Who do you trust when it comes to mould?  What have other people done?  Am I the only one with these problems? Surely other people have dealt with mould and water damage and been successful and put it all behind them?  Who will you turn to for advice, acceptance and wisdom?

Social networks and health communication may be an important component of a solution that fits your needs.

Online social networks, social influence and information cascades happen because of two types of influence.  The first is PEER INFLUENCE where acceptance of information is dominated by users of the social network who influence the acceptance and consumption of information.  The second type of influence is EXTERNAL INFLUENCE where for example the traditional news media introduces ‘a story’. 


Some estimates say that 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds actively on any web...

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Does Bleach Kill Mould?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

This week we’re talking about disinfectants and more specifically bleach or sodium hypochlorite. “Does it work, no it doesn’t, look it just feeds the mould, no it doesn’t, yes it does, it makes the mycotoxins worse and simply changes mould from one colour to no colour” Fact or fiction?

We all know, there's a lot of websites that say conflicting things. Who do you believe? You might even know the answer, maybe you’ve already made up your mind? But wait - what does the science say?

To bring some perspective to the bleach debate, I’m going to take a look at what the National Wrestling Coach Association has to say. Up to 20% of wrestling injuries are caused by skin infections. Tune in to this episode and find out what the martial artists discovered about bacterial transmission and how this leads to improved disinfection methods and best practice for surface decontamination? HINT: contact sports are associated with an increased risk of skin...

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Does Oil Of Cloves Work For Mould Cleaning?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

Cameron Jones:            Hello, and my name is Dr. Cameron Jones, and welcome to this week's live stream. I'm really excited, because, it is a Christmas show, and it's really Christmas for the next two weeks at our office. And today, I'm very excited to be talking about an essential oil, and how this particular essential oil is very beneficial for anyone who is dealing with mould. Let me see.

Cameron Jones:            I have a very special guest, Rachel from coming on. I interviewed her earlier this week, and she had a lot of really interesting information to tell me about, about how oil of cloves is very useful for mould situations, and she's got a lot of information about how we can use this. And I'm just going to switch to a little vaporizer, which we've set up in our office, and I'm going to ask Derek to switch this on, because being a Christmas show,...

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Can Mould Cause Depression?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

I received an email the other day from a client with bad news informing me that his wife has breast cancer.  He told me that she had suffered from depression ever since reluctantly moving into a property that had a severe water damage problem and that had been concealed by the real estate agent.  This got me thinking about all the research talking about mould exposure and mood disorders like anxiety and depression and even IQ.

 In this week’s Livestream, I’m going to review 6 key areas where mental health problems can occur due to mould and water damage:

  1. Families that know about mould and water damage
  2. Disaster recovery workers
  3. The elderly
  4. Children and pre-adolescents
  5. The immune system. What’s going on inside your body?
  6. Tenancy

Is depression the hidden epidemic often not spoken about when discussing building-specific factors surrounding mould and adverse indoor air quality from aeroallergens and other microbes?


Literature review of...

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What Is Black Mould?

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020

Black mould has become a bit like the famous celebrities Taylor Swift or Kylie Jenner.  Everyone has heard about it or thinks they know a bit about this fungus. 

In the world of pop culture fungal microbiology, BLACK MOULD is spoken about with reverence as the INVISIBLE ILLNESS CAUSED BY TOXIC FUNGUS…but what is it, what does the science say, and what can you do to separate the fact from fiction?


Three women working in a horticultural factory were handling some pots made from recycled paper.  The women developed inflamed, swollen fingers and scaling of the skin.  This is an inflammation reaction and was caused by handling the pots that looked mouldy.  This article appeared as the first published paper on black mould illness indexed in PubMed in 1997.

They found that when spore traps were used to assess the working environment, that when the mouldy pots were moved the levels of Stachybotrys were dispersed into the air showing...

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